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Latitude Artist Community serves all people - with an emphasis on those thought by some to have a disability - by creating meaningful, inclusive community interactions which allow participating artists to contribute culturally and politically to the life of their community.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

TRUST(ing) at Latitude October 26th

an extension…  based on Meaghan Carpenter’s performance series Trust with Meaghan Carpenter and Latitude Artist Community
@Latitude Artist Community
948 Manchester Street, Lexington, KY
Friday October 26 1:20pm- 1:40pm, Free
More information: Bruce Burris (859) 806-0195, latitudearts@yahoo.com

Meaghan Carpenter of Maryland is represented in LAL’s nod to performance art “Approach”. Curated by Rae Goodwin director of Art Foundations at the University of Kentucky, Approach opens Oct. 26. This review includes video, photographs, installations, Meaghan Carpenter: http://www.meaghancarpenter.com/
more about Trust(ing): Latitude has long been involved in creating performance and installation works. Often these works allow some insight on practices relative to those of us who live their lives in institutional environments, and thus we encourage further dialog and consideration of issues which are commonly overlooked or most often, simply ignored.

In this adaptation of Meaghan Carpenter’s “Trust” we take a look at the risk taken by those living in an institutional setting as they routinely trust their self care to others.  What does it mean to transport an enclave of people considered disabled to a salon for a “beauty treatment”?  Can we not take care of ourselves in this way at home? What does it mean when a local faith organization provides grooming and dress accessories to adults as they enter a sponsored dance? Are these positive enhancements or do they demean us as individuals? Are we validating poor institutional practices by encouraging these group fixes? In Trust(ing) Latitude artists turn the tables on these practices, giving to, as opposed to receiving a manicure from Ms Carpenter.

an ELandF project
sponsored by Latitude Artist Community