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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Serious Tornado Tuscaloosa

About “Serious Tornado Tuscaloosa”
Serious Tornado Tuscaloosa represents our attempt to make sense of the loss of life and destruction which occurred recently throughout the Southeast during an intense period of tornado activity. Tuscaloosa Alabama was especially hard hit. It’s been a bad tornado season all together- and artists had begun to refer to the sculptural elements (3 spheres) that we were creating well before the Tuscaloosa outbreak- as “Tornado Balls”. When the Tuscaloosa outbreak occurred we responded by focusing on Tuscaloosa more specifically. Our friend, Lynn Pruett who had lived for a number of years in Tuscaloosa and still has many friends in the area shared some of the stories she had of those she has been in touch with sense the tornado. We created a street grid of Tuscaloosa and created a guide which places some of her stories on the grid – as well as references to photos and first person accounts we found on the website of the city newspaper “The Tuscaloosa News”.

Serious Tornado Tuscaloosa

Guide to map/grid:
(1 and 2) from our friend Lynn Pruett)

1. People in Alabama help each other in times such as this, this is where their staunch faith becomes action and community-Lynn Pruett, Lexington

2. When I first saw the footage of the damage I could not recognize anything even though I had lived off 15th street in the forest Lake Area. All the tall pines cut down, all the house flattened. I called my good friend Dot who lived close to Rosedale to see if she was Okay she said, “I watched it on the T.V. It went on out to the Mall like it always does”.

Lynn Pruett, Lexington

3. Day of Prayer event focuses on uniting to help Tuscaloosa recover after tornado.
4. Store struggles to satisfy demand for chainsaws.
5. List of missing narrows to a dozen people.
6. I went up in a helicopter today, the line of damage is even more dramatic from the air.
7. City weighs options for rebuilding.
8. Just passed three 18-wheelers from feedthechildren.org in Tuscaloosa, Help is everywhere.
9. Marine band gives spirited concert for storm victims.     
10. More tears today when driving home on 15th.
11. Convoy trucks from Georgia power, which was among 1st organized volunteer efforts, just rolled thru McFarland.
12. CMT will air Disaster Relief concert May 12 with Keith Urban, Hank Jr., Sara Evans, Tim McGraw and more.