About Latitude Artist Community

Latitude Artist Community serves all people - with an emphasis on those thought by some to have a disability - by creating meaningful, inclusive community interactions which allow participating artists to contribute culturally and politically to the life of their community.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Beatty "ASTRAL DUETS" (Latitude/I.D.eaWorks)

Robert Beatty "ASTRAL DUETS"
A sonic inquiry with Latitude Artists
A fundraiser for Latitude Artist Community/I.D.eaWorks
Friday June 8, 8pm
$10 suggested donation                                                                                                                          
At Latitude/Mecca 948 Manchester St. Lexington, KY
Make a tax deductible contribution to Latitude/I.D.eaWorks                                                          
About Latitude/I.D.eaWorks:
Supporting individual artists and artist-driven projects...
Latitude has always supported artists in telling their stories - especially those who have complex messages. We are proud to introduce I.D.eaWorks, a new initiative that will help us grow and strengthen this focus. Through I.D.eaWorks, Latitude will work with and support individual artists and arts programs, particularly those that are involved with avant-garde, challenging, or non-traditional media and ideas.

I.D.eaWorks will allow Latitude to introduce artists and their unique visions to a wider community, to make more non-traditional voices heard in the community, to enrich our programs for artists considered to have disabilities, to provide a wider range of arts programming, and to strengthen Lexington’s cultural identity as a city that values contemporary art.
I.D.eaWorks supports Lexington Artist Robert Beatty
Robert Beatty’s artwork takes a range of forms from drawings, record covers, and posters to sculpture, video, and sound art. Despite the variety of media he uses, Beatty’s work explores relationships between organic and manufactured objects and uses technology in primitive, simple ways. Through his work he creates alternate universes that evoke both a futuristic and a retro feel and that exist entirely outside the world in which we live. In his work with sound, Beatty employs primitive electronics – those he finds, repurposes, or hacks - to create otherworldly soundscapes.

Beatty will work with Latitude on a new sound piece called Astral Duets. He will develop the composition in conjunction with a number of workshops that he will conduct with the artists at Latitude. A contribution to Latitude’s I.D.eaWorks will further our goal of raising funds to support this work. Astral Duets will debut in a performance at Latitude in the Mecca performance space. All funds raised through the performance will support I.D.eaWorks projects.