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Latitude Artist Community serves all people - with an emphasis on those thought by some to have a disability - by creating meaningful, inclusive community interactions which allow participating artists to contribute culturally and politically to the life of their community.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Body Project (Thurs Feb 16) free workshop with performance artist Lauren Argo

On Thursday February 16th and Friday February 17th, Latitude Artist Community is presenting "Works In Progress" which will introduce the public to our wonderful new space at 948 Manchester St. in Lexingon's Distillery District. During this time we are offering an exciting slate of performances, workshops, readings, exhibits and more!
For more info: Bruce Burris or Crystal Bader (859) 806-0195, latitudearts@yahoo.com
Thursday, February 16th, 1-3pm.
The Body Project is a workshop facilitated by Louisville based performance artist Lauren Argo.
This workshop is free and open to the public. We are limited to a total of 20 participants. Please call or email Bruce or Crystal (above) at Latitude to reserve a space.

the BODY Project: A workshop exploring the body, inside and out with performance artist Lauren Argo
Thursday, February 16, 2012
the BODY Project is a concept based workshop with performance artist Lauren Argo that explores creative expression, imagination and how we feel and relate to the “inside and outside” of our bodies. In the first part, or, “Act 1” of the workshop, participants will create a sense of ensemble by interacting together through stretching, movement and games to explore the personal and collective physical freedoms and limitations of the group. Body maps will be created individually as an explorative exercise that will later be used as a backdrop for the performance. Masks will be introduced and created as a powerful medium that participants can choose to incorporate in the second part of the workshop.
“Act II”of the workshop will focus on how to tell the body’s story from the beginning (birth) to the end (death) with emphasis on physical challenges and the mind’s response. Participants will create a movement map to give direction for the loose choreography that will then be created and set to music. Masks and props will be incorporated as desired during several rehearsals with a final performance for the group to end the session. Participant’s body maps and masks created during the workshop will be used in the following evening’s performance, the BODY project by Miss Argo.
And on
Friday, February 17, 9pm
the BODY project (and some other fine works)
live performances by artist Lauren Argo
Join performance artist Lauren Argo as she premieres her new work, the BODY project. This new work as created in collaboration with Latitude Artist Community. Argo will also present two short multi-media performances, will i be pretty? and how to be pretty. in her continued artistic exploration of the limitations of the human mind, body and spirit.
Click here for a great video on Lauren
All events associated with Latitude's "Works In Progress" are underwritten by the family of our dear friend Bobby Gibilisco. Many thanks to our friends at Mecca Live Studio and Institute 193 for support and for hosting portions of "Work In Progress" in their spaces.