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Latitude Artist Community serves all people - with an emphasis on those thought by some to have a disability - by creating meaningful, inclusive community interactions which allow participating artists to contribute culturally and politically to the life of their community.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Artist Lyndsey Fryman at Latitude's "Phantom Place Project Space"

Artist Statement                                                                                                                                       Lyndsey Fryman 
These figures are a metaphor to talk about an experience as a mother and the relationship I have with my children.  Although the forms are based on children, but I have been selective about the amount of information I give the viewer.  The work is visually removed from “reality” with the addition of feathers that add an element of physical body language.  Physical body language, such as the placement of ears are inspired by cat’s, dog’s and horse, are employed to give these beings a way to speak without making a sound.  This addition metaphorically relates to my own experience as a mother of a child with Autism.  His symptoms are similar to many who are challenged with the disability of an absence of spoken language, eye contact, social skills and physical communication gestures (pointing, waving and reaching).

I am interested in understanding their physiological states and the outward expression of those experiences.  Reading into those outwardly expressed emotions give me clues of what they are going though, what they think or feel.  Being able to hear the unspoken language of my children allows me to communicate with them, and raise concerns for children in general. I want the viewer to begin to realize this through my work. The pieces embody a visual language that has to be interpreted, much like the language I have had to develop to communicate with my children, particularly with my son with Autism.

The mother-child relationship on the surface appears to be “normal”; but there are things that are difficult to access, that may have been overlooked.  One has to try harder to get a fuller understanding of the beings.  Consequently, I have developed a strong desire to appreciate them as individuals.  Because of their conditions, my own experience as a mother has been influenced to realize the importance of those things precious and yet taken for granted.