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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PARK(ing) Day Pictures and Update

Lexington's first PARK(ing) Day was a real success and an awful lot of fun. Latitude's installation (next 3 pics) "Stuck" was displayed at the intersection of North Broadway and 2nd Street. Independence Place had an installation (4th pic) on Euclid Avenue in Chevy Chase. They were asked by the Police to remove their installation- and the picture I took below shows them on the sidewalk afterwards. After checking with LexPark we discovered that there is no ordinance banning non vehicles from metered parking spots. The folks at LexPark loved the idea of PARK(ing) Day and will work with Latitude, LexArts and the police to ensure a bigger better PARK(ing) Day in Lexington next year!

ps we also discovered that a an environmental club at the University of Kentucky participated in PARK(ing) Day to- we hope to have some pictures from them soon.

Latitude artists admiring their handiwork

We did a nice interview with WVLK the reporter appears to be interviewing our sculpture

we waved to passing cars to remind everyone to celebrate PARK(ing) Day

Here are Independence Place folks - on the sidewalk!